Shu Uemura timeline

“tradition is a continuous process of innovation”
Mr. Shu Uemura
1928 Shu Uemura, born at st. luke’s hospital, tsukiji, tokyo
1935 attends school at seijo gakuen, tokyo
1955 begins working as a make-up artist for hollywood films
1965 establishes Shu Uemura make-up institute in tokyo.
1967 founds japan make-up ltd. introduces unmask, the first oil-based cleanser in japan
1968 launches 1st mode make-up – “flaggy”
1971 creates JM laboratories inc. in tokyo starts production of own skincare products
1972 stages make-up performance beauty show across Japan - first in japan to create a make-up process into a performance.
1975 founds the japan make-up association, a syndicate of japanese make-up artists inspired by the american S.M.A. (society of make-up artists)
1976 changes name of company to JM shu cosmetics inc. becoming a consolidated cosmetics company.
1982 changes company name to shu uemura cosmetics inc.
1983 opens 1st beauty boutique in omotesando, tokyo, revolutionizing the appearance and function of the cosmetic boutiques.
1986 opens art of beauty boutique in Paris – receives award for the most beautiful store in the sixth ward of Paris by the parisian authorities
1988 stages the journey of life make-up show at espace cardin, paris
1989 first shu uemura fragrance parfum - receives french verre avenir award, for the most beautiful perfume bottle.
1997 opens 14th beauty boutique in soho as the new york flagship
1998 launches depsea water line receiving the nikkei excellent product award
2001 releases ß-G skin resistance program - first skincare range to include beta- glucan as anti skin-aging ingredient
2003 releases depsea therapy moisture recovery - skincare range containing selected deep seawater elements for long lasting moisture
2004 launches tokyo lash bar in shu uemura counters world wide – including annual false eyelash collections tokyo lash bar collection
2007 launches phyto-black lift – first anti-aging skincare line based on black Asian phyto- ingredients.
releases ART OF HAIR – shu uemura’s 1st haircare line
2008 launches brightening cleansing oil.
launches face architect smoothing fluid foundation based on a unique philosophy of face structure.
2009 opens a new beauty boutique location on the legendary omotesando after first opening in 1983.
launches red:juvenus – first signs of aging skincare line based on red Asian phyto-ingredients.
2010 release new UV under base mousse to make the 20th year’s anniversary of shu uemura beauty boutique in Omotesando.
2011 release new pressed eye shadow and new glow on with a customized refillable concept – color atelier.
2012 release TSUYA skin that reactivates skin’s youth power switch and helps achieves ideal skin.
2013 30th anniversary of shu uemura beauty boutique in Omotesando.
brand represented in18 countries, at more than 400 branded points of purchased worldwide (May 2014)