pressed eye shadow

color atelier
one palette, infinite looks.

be the stylist of your own palette. mix, match, and customize your own palette from more than 100,000 combinations of eyeshadow, glow-on, custom case. with one stroke, dramatize your eyes to expand your make-up expression.

so smart, so sleek, so easy. one innovative mechanism unlocks infinite looks. this refillable, re-usable, sustainable palette will dramatically expand your make-up repertoire.

pressed eye shadow
glide smoothly on to eyes for a beautiful finish. the eye shadow blends effortlessly to control coverage for any eye shadow color with clear, intense color pay-off. contains mineral ingredients.
full color spectrum range, 5 different textures

silk smooth eye shadow
brand-new innovative texture with long lasting sparkles. soft, smooth, silky texture ever. the glitters fit instantly and last all day long without fading, smudging.

creamy eye shadow
cream eyeshadow that smoothen the surface and enhance beautiful color payoff.
for highlighter, give brightness by boosting beautiful color pay-off.
for definer, define eyes for more dimensional, smoky make-up looks

glow on
adds an ever-natural "glow" to your complexion, creating your desired expression easily, instantly. fresh color lasts long.
2 textures: matte, pearl

custom case
refillable palette available in 3 sizes to enjoy customization.

freedom of color choice
customize your eye make-up palette to meet your every desire, for thousands of palette combinations.
experience infinite choice for your ever-changing style.