new era cleansing oil

the 1st*1 anti-pollution*2anti-yellowness cleansing oil

empowered with anti-pollutant Moringa Extract, new Anti/Oxi
clears away 96% of pollutants that accelerates aging stress
by 10 times. impurities and heavy make-up are deeply removed
with no residue. clarifies dull yellow tone and reveals a smooth
refined youthful skin.

Anti/Oxi skin refining anti-dullness cleansing oil

| 450ml XX,XXX yen, 150ml XX,XXX yen |

No.1*3 cleansing oil, reborn.

*1 within shu uemura
*2 to remove pollutants from the skin surface
*3 worldwide top seller among all shu uemura cleansing oils in 2012


the discovery

pollution accelerates aging stress* by

10 times

when skin is exposed to pollutants, free radicals are generated within the skin. free radicals damage cellular function and advance the aging process, making skin rough, dull and yellowish.

* skin oxidation

incredible efficacy

new Anti/Oxi clears away 96% of pollutants

with the purification effect of the new Moringa Extract,
Anti/Oxi thoroughly removes pollutants that accelerate
aging stress.

skin with charcoal
skin with charcoal
skin cleansed with Anti/Oxi
skin cleansed with Anti/Oxi

*charcoal removability test on 22 women using the product, 2012

test result

the power of Anti/Oxi with proven efficacy

outstanding removability*1

significant skincare benefit*2

*1 consumer test on 121 Asian women using the product twice a day for 10 days.
*2 consumer test on 56 Asian women using the product twice a day for 4 weeks.

miracle green duo

Moringa Extract / anti-pollution

moringa contains rich nutrients, known for its anti-pollution,
anti-free radical property and cleansing enhancing effect.

test on pollution purifying effect of Moringa Extract

on the image 1, both test tubes contain polluted water with charcoal.
then, we mixed Moringa Extract to the lest test tube only. in image 2,
you can see the visible result that the polluted water in the lest test
tube has been purified by the effect of Moringa Extract.

Green Tea Extract / anti-oxidation

green tea is rich in Catechin and Vitamins, known for anti-oxidant
properties to help revitalize skin appearance.

behind the scenes

Kazuhiko Maruyama

Section Manager, Skincare laboratories,
L’Oreal Research & Innovation Center, Japan

“Among the legendary line-up of shu uemura cleansing oils today, A/O has been a constant No.1 selling product, trusted and beloved in many countries across the globe for its high anti-oxidation potential.
For us at the skincare lab, it was a major challenge to renew something already so well accepted and loved by customers.
As a new approach to anti-aging, we focused on ‘anti-pollution’, realizing that this was a key concern for women worldwide. We explored anti-pollution ingredients, and found one has outstanding efficacy... the miracle tree, Moringa. Blessed with amazing purification power, the natural-origin ingredient takes our cleansing oils to the next level.”

how to use