10 interesting facts on shu uemura cleansing oils

1. does cleansing oil clog pores?

shu uemura cleansing oils spreads easily into pores, lifting make-up and excess sebum from pores. with thorough rinsing with water, pores are completely cleansed. shu uemura cleansing oils are non-comedogenic.

2. do i need to double cleanse to remove oil residue?

shu uemura's cleansing oil does not need double cleansing. by adding water, the oil is emulsified quickly, making it easy to rinse off with water. there will be no oil residue on skin.

3. is it difficult to use cleansing oil?

cleansing oil is very easy to use, following 4 simple steps. there is no need to lather, or wipe off - all you need to do is apply, blend, and rinse-off. shu uemura's cleansing oil does not need double cleansing, so you can efficiently cleanse in 1 step.

4. does cleansing oil give stress to my skin?

shu uemura cleansing oils have been developed to easily & smoothly spread on skin with reduced fricition on skin.

5. is cleansing oil gentle to my skin?

shu uemura formulates ingredients which has been selected based on very strict standards. shu uemura's cleansing oils are:
- suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin
- dermatologically tested
- ophthalmologically tested
- allergy tested
- non-comedogenic
- respects skin's natural pH

6. do cleansing oils dry out my skin?

shu uemura's cleansing oils are measured to have moisturizing effect. cleansing oil removes easily make-up, impurities and excess sebum without disturbing the natural barrier of your skin. it leaves the skin moist which is necessary for the skin. cleansing oils can be easily rinsed-off without residue, there is no need to wash with a facial cleanser.

7. can i use cleansing oil, even if i have oily skin?

cleaning oil is recommended for all skin conditions. cleansing oil has high affinity with sebum and oily components, so it will remove not only make-up but also excess sebum. shu uemura has 6 cleansing oil variation to meet all skin needs - for oily conditions please try fresh pore clarifying gentle cleansing oil.

8. will cleansing oil usage cause pimples?

shu uemura's cleansing oils are tested to be non-comedogenic. please check the proper usage, keeping in mind to rinse off completely as a final step.

9. can i use cleansing oil as facial wash?

cleansing oil can be used not only for make-up removal, but can be used as a facial wash. not only make-up, but sebum, sweat, dirt can be removed easily without burden on skin.

10. will cleansing oil stay inside my pores?

cleansing oil lifts away impurities from pores and dissolving make-up. with complete emulsification with water, the oil is rinsed away from the skin.